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Henrichs, A. Y., & Cress, C. (2022). Predicting Autism From Infant Characteristics: A Systematic Review. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Alysha Henrichs & Cynthia Cress 2022.


A literature review was conducted of 73 articles to explore 12-month-old characteristics in infants that predicted later diagnosis with autism (ASD). Articles were reviewed if they discussed ASD, infants with siblings diagnosed with autism (high-risk) and/or infants later diagnosed with autism without known family history of ASD (low risk). Articles were not reviewed if the participants were 36 months or older at the start of the study. More factors were identified that discriminate characteristics associated with later ASD diagnosis in infants between 12-24 months compared to characteristics of infants below 12 months. Characteristics of infants under 12 months that were associated with later autism diagnosis include social behaviors, communication behaviors, eye gaze, abnormal movements, and auditory brainstem responses.