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Spring 3-11-2022


Reyes, J., & Andrews, A. 2022. The Combined and Unique Roles of PTSD and Polyvictimization in Predicting Delinquency Among Adolescents. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Joana Reyes 2022.


As a supplement to previous research understanding the relationship of polyvictimization to delinquent behaviors, these analyze question the mediating role of PTSS between the two factors. A cascade model was used to understand the factors relationship, in which they influence each other independently and as a group. Therefore, it has been found that polyvictimization leads to an increase in the likelihood of delinquent behavior, PTSS was also expected to play a role in this cascade model. Analyzes found that PTSS does influence delinquency, yet not in each Wave of data.