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Spring 3-13-2022


Sinyigenga, L. The Design of an Agricultural Youth-Centered Rural Development Program in Rwanda. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Laetitia Igiraneza Sinyigenga 2022.


Rwanda is primarily a rural, young, and agriculture-based country. The referred variables- agriculture, rural population, and youth- can be creatively merged to engage and empower youth for rural development. This paper indicates the utilization of cross-disciplinary knowledge to design an agricultural youth-centered rural development program in Rwanda. The program uses the interdependence of economic sectors (agriculture and education) with resources (environmental & natural resources and human resources) to boost rural community development. The program’s main activities- mentorship, agribusiness training, tutoring, exposure visits, and community work- highly reflect the requirement for advancing the selected main economic sectors and resources. There is also the use of the seven community capitals correlated to the three pillars of sustainable development to ensure sustainable rural development. The key outcomes of this program are the promotion of positive youth and rural development through promoting rural youth empowerment and engagement in community development both in the present and mostly in the future.