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Spring 3-14-2022


Patrick, Dylan. American Foreign Direct Investment in Morocco: How Can We Help?. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2022.


Copyright Dylan Patrick 2022.


As the flurry of modern-day threats begins to take their toll on the world, it has never been more crucial to examine interstate relationships. In this pursuit, this paper investigates contemporary American foreign direct investment efforts in Morocco by asking the following questions: (1) what areas of the Moroccan economy are in the most trouble; (2) how has the presence of American foreign direct investment impacted Morocco; and (3) how can these American-led efforts be improved? By answering these questions using case studies, this paper provides policy recommendations that can begin to alleviate some of the problems facing the Northwest African country.

Moroccan Government’s decision to open their gates and restructure their economy in 1983 increased America’s involvement in the Kingdom beyond economic development to include several important issues including gender inequality, climate change, healthcare systems, education, and economic empowerment. Relying on publicly available information, this thesis argues that America’s foreign direct investments in Morocco have substantially improved the lives of Moroccans through the implementation of intersectional programming. Furthermore, this thesis offers recommendations on how the United States government can further improve their relationship with Morocco that is mutually beneficial.