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Nguyen, A.L., Paramo Reyes, M., Corey, S.J., & Rajeev, P. (2022). North 14th Street corridor improvements project. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Ashley Nguyen, Samantha Corey, Maricela Paramo Reyes, Pooja Rajeev 2022.


The following project report was a study of the North 14th Street corridor ranging from Adams Street to Virginia Street conducted by University of Nebraska-Lincoln students for a senior design capstone project. Main focuses of the project were the intersection of Adams and 14th Street and the 14th Street bridges over Cornhusker Highway and Oak Creek. Study of this area included work in transportation, traffic, structural, geotechnical, water resources, and environmental engineering. However, this report done by students should not take the place of work done by licensed professional engineers.

This project was done in collaboration with engineers for the City of Lincoln, who acted as clients looking for engineering consulting. Research was conducted to find the applicable design requirements for each of the civil engineering subdisciplines. These requirements were obtained through GIS data, maps, and certified design manuals. After obtaining the proper data and design requirements, it was concluded that the signalized intersection of Adams and 14th Street would be left alone, the bridge over Cornhusker Highway would be removed and designed as an at-grade roundabout, and the bridge over Oak Creek would be removed and completely replaced. The multi-phase project came to a total cost of about $30,759,090.