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Spring 4-27-2022


Hellman, Ellie, Kennedy Johnston, Abe Stutzman, Emily Kist, Sam Stott, Tom Hermanek. Nelnet Consulting Project. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. April 2023.


Copyright Ellie Hellman, Kennedy Johnston, Abe Stutzman, Emily Kist, Sam Stott, Tom Hermanek 2023.


The purpose of this capstone engagement was to do a market analysis of two potential investment opportunities for Nelnet. Our group went through an extensive research process of current players in the market, regulations that exist, financial considerations, and risk analysis. Through the capstone course we were introduced to design thinking and the 10 types of innovation to use as methods of evaluation for the Nelnet consultation. Our team went through processes such as stakeholder analysis, PESTEL analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, and internal resources and capabilities. Our final project consisted of a formal presentation to Nelnet executives and final report in memo format. Our team spent the entirety of the semester collaborating to come our final recommendation regarding this investment opportunity for Nelnet. We are unable to provide any further details to this abstract due to a non-disclosure agreement that was signed to protect Nelnet’s business activities.