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Bezousek,M. 2023.The Presence of Childhood Obesity in Nebraska and the Physiological Repercussions of the Disease. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Madison Bezousek 2023.


Childhood Obesity can cause lifelong repercussions in children and adults. There has been stigma around the causes of obesity and its relation to lifestyle choices, without consideration of the genetic and syndromic causes. In this literature review the causes of obesity were investigated, along with the effect on the physiological systems and the enviornmental factors that are continuing the obesity epidemic. Preventing and treating lifestyle obesity is something that is seen to have the greatest effect on youth, especially with intergenerational obesity. Nebraska schools have implemented programs to encourage healthy living, and ongoing research is being implemented to reduce the obesity population. With genetic and syndromic obesity, there is treatment that has been found to be effective when implemented with a healthy lifestyle before the other body systems are effected. Overall, obesity will persist without prevention and treatment and recognizing that the environment children and adults are placed in is a crucial aspect of reducing the rates of childhood obesity.