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Bartak, J. 2022. A Strategic Audit of A24. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Jackson Bartak 2022.


A24 is an independent film production and distribution company founded in 2012. The company performs both duties for independent films as well as television programs, and a small portion of company revenue comes from merchandise it sells in an online kiosk. As of 2021, A24 had around 300 employees while maintaining a large catalog of movies and shows. Using a focus strategy, the company targets a more cultured audience for its unique (and sometimes outright bizarre) subject matter. To achieve this, A24 attempts to cast top B-list personnel both in acting and technical roles in order to corner its market. To understand the company’s strategy, PESTE and Porter’s Five Forces analyses were completed. While there are many outside factors that influence the independent film industry, A24’s consistency of adhering to its core strengths should carry it far and help it continue to grow.