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Fall 11-28-2022


DuVal, B. 2022. Takeda Pharmaceutical Rare Hematology Strategic Audit. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Brian DuVal 2022.


Takeda Pharmaceutical Company is a large Japanese-based multinational pharmaceutical company that manufactures treatments for many different diseases. It is the largest pharmaceutical company in Asia and has a significant share in markets across the world. This report focuses specifically on Takeda’s treatments for rare bleeding disorders under its Rare Diseases & Hematology division. Using internal and external analysis tools, this report seeks to understand how Takeda has created and sustained competitive advantages in the complex environment of the pharmaceutical industry. Specific tools used to highlight this include Porter’s Five Forces and PESTEL analyses. This report also examines the environment surrounding the community of bleeding disorder patients in America and identifies Takeda’s role in this community. Additionally, strategic recommendations are given for Takeda’s next steps.