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Spring 2-21-2023


Boerner, Alexander. ABRunning: Beginner’s Guide to Running-Basked Training Programs. Ed. Shinya Takahashi. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. February 2023.


Within this thesis there is a URL that goes to the ABRunning website, all items discussed in this written portion of the thesis are within the documents and spreadsheets there.

Copyright Alexander Boerner 2023.


This thesis is used to introduce any level of runner to training program creation and give resources to allow the individual to create their own. This was done through a website that has information on warm up, cool down, strength and conditioning, running programs, nutrition, hydration, and running aids. The website gives readers insight on each of the topics while giving them resources on how to implement the information within their programs. The written portion of this thesis is used to detail the creation of said website and the thought process that went into each of its components from structure of training programs to the reasoning for using a website format to deliver the information. Within the written portion is a link to the published website, created through Wix, to view the resources and information presented.