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Hickey, T. 2023. A Review of How Bioinformatics and Genome Sequencing are Affecting Precision Medicine. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Taylor Hickey 2023.


Advancement in genomic sequencing and bioinformatics methods have been affecting biomedical research through precision medicine, especially in the area of cancer. Vaccine therapies can be developed using neoantigens that target specific mutations in tumors. The goals of this research are to identify mutations that lead to cancer and then define subpopulations in which patients can easily be identified. The future goal is to have targeted vaccines that are specific to each subpopulation ready to be used in treatment of their cancer. Limitations to reaching these goals have been due to tumor heterogeneity, cancer location, and difficulty in creating neoantigens for vaccines successfully. A literature review was conducted to better understand the current research being done to address the cancer epidemic through bioinformatics analysis and precision medicine. It was found that TP53, CLDN6, and IDH1 were crucial mutations leading to the development of multiple types of cancer, and more sophisticated, streamlined technology is needed to rapidly develop targeted vaccines to attack ever evolving cancers.