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Hardin, J. (2023) The Impact of Sexual Violence on Women's Dating Lives: Understanding Enjoyment of Sexualization Among Sexual Violence Survivors. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Jaela Hardin 2023


This project seeks to understand the relationship between women’s former experiences of sexual violence and their present relationship with sex. Specifically, this study seeks to identify whether women with a history of sexual violence victimization now experience enjoyment of sexualization by others – most often men - in their daily life, as well as whether these same women also engage in self-objectification. Data from a community sample of single women aged 21-30 was collected online to record women’s responses on a variety of measures related to their sex and dating life. This project also explores whether women’s responses regarding enjoyment of sexualization are related to their individual motivations for sexual intercourse, and it seeks to understand how these factors may influence the way in which women who have experienced sexual violence may navigate their dating life.