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Moore, Nathan. “Wager With Angels.” Wager With Angels, YouTube Audio Library, 2022


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My University of Nebraska-Lincoln Honors Thesis project is a six-part podcast interview series entitled The Call Sheet. This is classified as an Applied Knowledge project and encapsulates my interests and areas of study in Journalism, Broadcasting, and Film Studies. I sought out interviews with people who currently reside or once resided in the state of Nebraska who work in association with the film industry. This industry is broad, and my interview subjects reflected this. The six episodes comprising my project are as follows: writer/director Aliza Brugger, writer/professor Michael Svoboda, director of the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center Danny Lee Ladely, Omaha Film Festival executive director Marc Longbrake, Film Streams theaters marketing director Marie Schuett, and Flatwater Film Festival founders Greg Gale and Josh Weixelman.

Interview questions were tailored to the position of each of the interviewees, but also tied back to the importance of film as an artistic and communicative medium. Additionally, I emphasized the trajectory that each interview subject followed in their career journey, in order to make their current position understandable and achievable to an interested listener. I feel there are a few consistent messages across the six episodes. They are as follows: 1. Community support for the arts, including film, exists everywhere, not just in the art capitals like Los Angeles and New York, 2. Education and unification, but not necessarily traditional schooling, is an intrinsic element of film that can be found in all aspects of the film industry, and 3. Anyone’s work in film is valid and deserving of recognition, especially as evidence of blossoming creativity and passion.