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Berzonsky, K. 2023. Syndemics and Social Factors: Infectious Disease Patterns Within the Population of People Experiencing Homelessness in the United States. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Kathleen Berzonsky 2023.


Individuals experiencing homelessness are at increased risk of suffering from infectious diseases. This is due to a number of social factors and healthcare disparities, as well as the idea of syndemics, by which diseases cluster together to worsen disease burden. Current intervention strategies approach treatment from a post-infection perspective, but reducing transmission rates of infectious diseases within the population of people experiencing homelessness will require a shift in the healthcare framework. The issue of people experiencing homelessness must be viewed through a biosocial lens, focusing on preventative care and treatment. I provide an overview of the social factors governing infectious diseases patterns within this population, as well as a discussion of syndemics, and some of the most prevalent infectious diseases.