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Spring 3-11-2018


Peterson, B. M. (2018). Development & Analysis of a Science Outreach Event for Elementary Aged Children: Archie's Late-Night Party.


Copyright Bailey Paterson 2018


Science Outreach is important because it facilitates learning and an increase in interest in the sciences. This thesis outlines the development of a set of stations as part of “Archie’s Late-Night Party,” an event held in June, 2017 at Morrill Hall. The goal of the Morrill Hall event was to create multiple activities and educational stations for elementary aged children in various scientific fields. Under the guidance of Dr. Gwen Bachman, I created two stations to present at the event: “Sleep & Hibernation” and “Nocturnal Vision.” I describe the multiple factors and challenges that go into building stations that are kid-friendly and scientifically accurate. At the event, reactions from both the children and adults were analyzed. Overall, it was concluded that Science Outreach programs, such as “Archie’s Late-Night Party,” are greatly beneficial to society because of the interactions facilitated between scientists and the non-science community, hopefully sparking passions in the youth of our community.