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Spring 2023


Bogen, Anya E. Exploring Modern Trends and Prevention Strategies for Childhood Obesity: A Comprehensive Literature Review. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska - Lincoln. 2023


Copyright Anya Bogen 2023.


This literature review seeks to provide an overview of the current research on childhood obesity. The study examines the prevalence and causes of childhood obesity, including genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors. The review also discusses the health consequences associated with childhood obesity, such as the increased risk for chronic diseases and psychological and social problems. Additionally, the review explores the effectiveness of interventions designed to prevent childhood obesity, including individual lifestyle modifications, education from health practitioners and school programs, and global, national, and state programs to promote wellness. The literature review concludes that childhood obesity is a complex and multifactorial issue requiring a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach. The review identifies gaps in the existing research and suggests areas for future investigation, emphasizing the need for evidence-based interventions and for increased recognition and funding to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and its associated chronic diseases.