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Spring 5-3-2023


Friesen, Aaron. Designing Programming Languages for Writing Maintainable Software. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2023.


Copyright Aaron Friesen 2023.


Maintainability is crucial to the long-term success of software projects. Among other factors, it is affected by the programming language in which the software is written. Programming language designers should be conscious of how their design decisions can influence software maintainability. Non-functional properties of a language can affect the readability of source code in ways beyond the control of programmers. Language features can cause or prevent certain classes of bugs, and runtime issues especially can require significant maintenance effort. Tools external to the language, especially those developed and distributed by language implementers, can aid in the creation of maintainable software. Languages designed with these aspects in mind will ease the burden placed on software maintainers by facilitating the development of robust, high-quality software.