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Sorensen, M. Leadership and Project Management in Engineering: BAJA Tube Bender. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2023


Copyright Maysyn Sorensen 2023.


Typical coursework for Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering students does not deeply focus on project management and leadership. Detailed in the following documentation is review of my Mechanical Engineering Senior Design capstone project as well as analysis of final presentations of other capstone projects. The Senior Design capstone projects spanned both semesters of the ‘22-’23 academic school year. After the first semester of my project I produced a post-mortem report to analyze the project’s progress and suggest improvements for the project, design, and team interaction. These improvements were compiled into an action plan and implemented in the spring semester. When the project was completed in the spring semester, another post-mortem report was produced to analyze the completed project and the implemented action plan from the previous semester. Deeper learning of project management and leadership in engineering was accomplished through the observation and analysis of final presentations of other student groups for both the fall and spring semester. Finally, an overall description of my leadership experiences through the project process were detailed.