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Lebesse, P. 2023. The Impact of the Belgian Colonization in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Priscilla Lebesse 2023.


The “Belgian Congo” is a country full of rich minerals, land, and agriculture. The same country that has never fully healed from the enslavement of its own people in their protected homes. The Belgian colonization of the Democratic Republic of Congo orchestrated by King Leopold II, has had a lasting impact on the country. Hindering its future advancements even after the departure of King Leopold II. This paper aims to analyze the lasting impact of the Belgian colonization in the DRC. In terms of the country’s economy, and overall culture. What is the DRC today? Through peer review articles and an interview from a Congolese national, this paper will gain an inside perspective from those who have lived through the rise and fall of the DRC. This thesis paper will not only disclose the various issues that Congolese citizens face today, but it will also demonstrate how a population can still be reeling and have a hard time recovering from generations of oppression.