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Spring 5-2018


Deras, A. (2018). Language Use by Spanish Heritage Speakers in the Classroom and the World and the Implications for Educators.


Copyright Amanda Deras 2018


Looking at the patterns of language use, language attitudes, and language ideologies, this literature review investigates how Spanish heritage speakers’ use of Spanish and their views on using Spanish translate into the classroom. This paper looks at Spanish heritage language use in both official and unofficial spaces, putting emphasis on use in the classroom. Additionally, it looks at the language attitudes and ideologies Spanish heritage language speakers have toward the use of Spanish, English, and “Spanglish” in different contexts. Heritage language speakers, particularly Spanish heritage language speakers, are growing in number in the United States and in American schools. In order to help schoolteachers— including Spanish teachers, general education teachers, and English Language Learners teachers— understand these students on a deeper level and implement best practices in their classrooms this paper includes implications and suggestions for teachers working with Spanish heritage language speakers.