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Solheim, J. 2023. Fashion Around the Francophone World: A 20-Unit Lesson Plan for Teaching Students 7-12 How to Discuss Clothing in French. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Justin Solheim 2023


This paper is the directions for a high school French world language curriculum at the novice-low level. The curriculum covers 20 class periods, or four weeks, and it uses a variety of pedagogical techniques and technologies to help students quickly learn and retain French vocabulary and grammar. Each class period is 40 minutes. The lessons use a variety of assessments and feedback to help students improve and allow the teachers to monitor student achievement. The following lessons focus on forming basic sentences and practicing the basics of subject-verb agreement, while teaching the vocabulary for different types of clothing in the process. The pedagogy behind the lessons is based on seven key theories, most importantly the Affective Filter Hypothesis. The lessons use a variety of technology and art projects to put students at ease and help them become more receptive to the information taught. In addition, this curriculum uses a unique type of assessment to put students at ease. Instead of a high-pressure test, students are simply required to complete an iMovie project. This practice, known as project-based assessment (Barbier, 2020), allows students to reflect on their learning and learn important team-work and technological skills.