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Hughes, C., Busboom, M., Killian, E., Johnson, A. J., & Steffen, J. (2023). Husker Motorsports Active Drag Reduction System. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Creighton Hughes, Micah Busboom, Evan Killian, AJ Johnson & Jude Steffen 2023


Formula SAE is a multifaceted competition that involves student teams designing and competing with an open-wheel style race car. There are 5 different dynamic events included in the competition. Each event requires a unique aerodynamic setup to have the best performance possible. This design project focuses on a drag reduction system (DRS) that will improve aerodynamic performance, resulting in faster lap times and increased competitiveness. Key features include a direct electronic actuation mechanism that will allow the rear wing to be adjusted during a race. The benefits of the DRS system, include increased speed, improved handling, and greater fuel efficiency during competition. From our initial simulations, this system would result in a 5.5% increase in acceleration points and a 1.6% reduction in lap times. This would allow us to be a podium team (top three) at our next competition.