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Spring 3-13-2017


Yeo, Noelle. "Lactose Intolerance: An Overview of the Facts and Their Implications." 2017.


Copyright Noelle M. Yeo 2018


Lactose intolerance is often blamed for the symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, gas, abdominal pain, and nausea, that ail many people. Patients often do not seek proper diagnosis from a physician and create their own treatment plans, severely restricting lactose intake, without professional guidance. Even those who do seek the care of a physician find that diagnosis is complicated by less-than ideal testing and confusion due to the symptoms common to many other conditions. The misconceptions and inability to confirm a diagnosis of lactose intolerance can cause nutrient deficiencies in these patients, as well as begin a pattern of unnecessary lactose elimination that can continue for generations. The truth is that lactose restriction does help ease these symptoms regardless of their true cause, but complete elimination is not necessary in most cases. Each individual is unique and must experiment with their own tolerance to determine the level of lactose their body can digest. This paper aims to help those who might suffer from lactose intolerance understand the condition and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.