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Stander, A.M. Toxicological Effects and Treatment of Accidental Ingestion of Simparica TRIO® in Felis catus: An Investigative Review. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2024.


Copyright Aussia M. Stander 2024.


Simparica TRIO®, a canine endectocide manufactured by Zoetis, contains sarolaner, moxidectin, and pyrantel pamoate salt in an orally administered chewable tablet. These compounds are all toxic to both cats and dogs in sufficient amounts. As Simparica TRIO® rises in popularity among pet owners, Felis catus (felines, cats) in multi-pet households (households with both cats and dogs) are at increased risk of overdosage and toxicosis from accidental ingestion of Simparica TRIO® due to their smaller weight.

Simparica TRIO® is not for feline use and little literature exists on the symptoms of and treatment for accidental ingestion in cats. Conducting a clinical study is unfeasible for this thesis, so existing literature for the toxicology of moxidectin, sarolaner, and pyrantel will be reviewed to determine symptoms, potential treatments, and recovery outlook for accidental ingestion patients. An accidental ingestion case study will be compared to the literature review to support or refute its findings. The supported conclusions will be condensed into a guidance document for veterinarians to reference during a feline Simparica TRIO® accidental ingestion case.

This study found that the treatments used in the case study corroborated the conclusions of the literature review and a veterinary guidance document was successfully created from them. The review also revealed that research on feline drug metabolism and toxic dosages is limited. Research to investigate unexpected neurological events following isoxazoline drug administration in small animals is limited or non-existent. The author strongly encourages further research on feline drug metabolism and unexplained isoxazoline toxicity in small animals.

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