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Cooper, Machelle. From Affordable to Equitable: An Analysis of Affordable Housing as a Solution in a National Shortage. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2024.


Copyright Machelle Copper 2024.


Amid a national shortage of housing, the United States needs housing solutions that both remedy infrastructural concerns imposed by outdated standards of urban development and address a widespread lack of equity across several urban areas. Conventional approaches to public housing have proven ineffective in promoting equitable change within underdeveloped contexts. These areas desire innovative, intentional interventions that adequately address all aspects of their social, economic, and environmental needs that existing patterns of development have neglected for decades. Public and state sentiments regarding areas of concentrated poverty and segregation in urban space must change for a future of equitable housing to prosper. By embracing principles of contextuality, sustainability, and empathy, designers can work closely with the communities they design for, using informed perspectives to create communities of multifaceted inclusivity that empower users and foster equity in housing.