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Diersen, V., Koppelman, R., Lauver, N., Naik, A., Vorderstrasse, D. 2024. Delta Air Lines Strategic Audit. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Victoria Diersen, Rebecca Koppelman, Nicholas Lauver, Aaryan Naik, Drake Vorderstrasse 2024.


This case study focuses on Delta Air Lines, a prominent company in the airline industry. We conducted a strategic audit utilizing theories and principles central to strategic management to complete the case study. Our research used publicly available information that included the company’s website, SEC filings, news articles, and industry analysis. The goal of this case study is to collect and analyze data, apply strategic management concepts to a contemporary organization, and evaluate the firm’s potential for competitive advantage.

We looked at many factors for Delta Air Lines, including firm analysis, industry analysis, external analysis, internal analysis, performance analysis, competitive dynamics, business level strategy, corporate level strategy, and strategic decision making. Using these factors, we created a comprehensive audit that focuses on Delta Air Lines’ core competencies and evaluates the company on how well it leverages its strengths. Our competitive analysis also focused on the company’s key competitor, American Airlines. This strategic audit of Delta Air Lines covers its overall strategy and industry-specific methods for success. Information about the broad business environment and industry-specific insights are used to create a comprehensive understanding of the firm. Our audit has found that Delta Air Lines’ operational excellence, brand strength, competitive advantage, and financial performance have well-positioned the firm in the industry to continue its success and increase its profitability in the coming years.