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Eshleman, J., Eno, O., Mitchell, M., Morrissey, C., & Mozingo, T. (2024). Lululemon Strategic Audit. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright James Eshleman, Olivia Eno, Molly Mitchell, Connor Morrissey, & Tessa Mozingo 2024


This case study focuses on lululemon, a prominent athleisure apparel company. Our team conducted an audit of the company revolving around strategic business management principles. Our research used publicly available information that included the company’s website, SEC filings, news articles, lululemon’s annual reports, financial statements, IBIS industry reports, and online sources. The goal of this strategic audit is to develop an understanding of lululemon’s business activities and strategies, collect and analyze both internal and external data, and evaluate lululemon based on strategic management concepts.

In this strategic audit, we conduct internal, external, performance, and competitive analyses and an examination of lululemon’s business-level strategy, corporate-level strategy, and organizational structure. We also analyze the specific strategic decision of lululemon’s acquisition of Pelton. We identify lululemon’s key strategic decisions that have led to its world wide success, discuss strategic missteps such as its failed acquisition of MIRROR, as well as explore lululemon’s acquisition of Pelton and the possible outcomes of this partnership.