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Finn, Miranda. InForm: A Mobile App to Teach Untrained Listeners of Classical Music About Fugue, Sonata, and Rondo Form Through Interactive Information Graphics. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. May 2019.


Copyright Miranda Finn 2019.


This thesis introduces adult non-musicians to large-scale structural components of three fundamental musical forms (fugue, sonata, and rondo) through a mobile application containing interactive information graphics and audio examples. This provides the knowledge and vocabulary necessary to discuss and listen critically to classical music, as well as enhance the overall listening experience. The written component of this project describes the content of the app and how it is presented, as well as the reasoning behind creative decisions such as color palette, page design, and development of the information graphics. Also reviewed are the programs used in the creation of the project, such as prototyping websites and applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Included in this document is a link to a functional prototype of the app, hosted on the website MarvelApp, as well as a link to a Box folder where each page from the application can be viewed individually.