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Published in Beef Research Program Progress Report (1988) No. 3: C-iii



General Interest

Beef facilities and management: Margaret S. McAlhany, W. Gordon Hays, and Gary S. Ross .... 1

Genetics and Breeding

Germ Plasm Evaluation in cattle: Larry V. Cundiff, Robert M. Koch, and Keith E. Gregory .... 3

Breeding for lean beef (Germ Plasm Evaluation Program): Larry V. Cundiff, Michael E. Dikeman, Robert M. Koch, John D. Crouse, and Keith E. Gregory .... 5

Germ Plasm Utilization in beef cattle: Keith E. Gregory, Larry V. Cundiff, and Robert M. Koch .... 9

Individual heterosis effects on mature size and maternal heterosis effects on preweaning traits and postweaning growth and carcass traits: Keith E. Gregory, Delwyn D. Dearborn, Larry V. Cundiff, and Robert M. Koch .... 17

Heterosis, breed maternal, and breed direct effects in Red Poll and Hereford cattle: Keith E. Gregory, Delwyn D. Dearborn, Donald D. Lunstra, Larry V. Cundiff, and Robert M. Koch .... 19

Investigation of the major histocompatibility complex in cattle and its association with economically important traits: Noelle E. Muggli, Michael J. Stear, and Roger T. Stone .... 20

Inheritance of active and passive immunity in beef calves: Noelle E. Muggli, Bill D. Hohenboken, Larry V. Cundiff, and Don E. Mattson .... 22

Inheritance of vertical fiber hide defect: Larry V. Cundiff, Matthew P. Dahms, Mary V. Hannigan, Alfred L. Everett,and Peter E. Buechler .... 24

Bison, Hereford, and Brahman growth and carcass characteristics: Robert M. Koch, John D. Crouse, and Steven C. Seideman .... 26

Twinning in cattle: Keith E. Gregory, Sherrill E. Echternkamp, Gordon E. Dickerson, Larry V. Cundiff, Robert M. Koch .... 29

Production Systems

Twinning and efficiency of beef production: Gordon E. Dickerson, Pedro Guerra- Martinez, Gary Anderson, and Ronnie D. Green .... 31

Effects of dietary energy density on carcass composition and beef palatability characteristics: Gary L. Bennett .... 34

Breed and heterosis utilization in rotational and composite crosses: Gary L. Bennett and Michael D. MacNeil .... 36

Relationship of visceral components of mature cows as related to lactation potential and possible effects on productivity: Thomas G. Jenkins, Calvin L. Ferrell, and Larry V. Cundiff .... 38


Growth and carcass traits of heifers as affected by hormonal treatment: John D. Crouse, Bruce D. Schanbacher, H. Russell Cross, Steven C. Seideman, and Steven B. Smith .... 41

Yield grades and cutability of carcass beef with and without kidney and pelvic fat: John D. Crouse, Robert M. Koch, and Michael E. Dikeman .... 43

Effect of subcutaneous fat removal on beef tenderness: Mohammad Koohmaraie, Steven C. Seideman,and John D. Crouse .... 45

Factors associated with tenderness of three beef muscles: Mohammad Koohmaraie, Steven C. Seideman,and John D. Crouse .... 47

Role of naturally occurring enzymes in beef tenderness: Mohammad Koohmaraie, Steven C. Seideman, Judith E. Schollmeyer, and John D. Crouse .... 49

Use of mechanical tenderization to increase the tenderness of bull beef: Steven C. Seideman, H. Russell Cross, and John D. Crouse .... 50

The effects of rate of change in body weight on tissue development and meat quality of youthful bulls: John D. Crouse, Chris R. Calkins, and Steven C. Seideman .... 52

The effect of sex and age on the textural properties and mineral content of beef steaks: Steven C. Seideman, H. Russell Cross, and John D. Crouse .... 54

Beef ribeye muscle glycogen and color response as affected by dietary regimen and postmortem electrical stimulation in young bulls: Mark F. Miller, H. Russell Cross, Marietta J. Buyck, and John D. Crouse .... 55

Microbial decontamination and weight of carcass beef as affected by automated washing pressure and length of time of spray: John D. Crouse, Maynard E. Anderson, and H. Donald Naumann .... 57

Influence of genotype and maternal environment on growth hormone and prolactin secretion in cattle: John Klindt and Ralph R. Maurer .... 59

Relationship of growth hormone, prolactin, and thyrotropin secretion to individual and progeny performance of Hereford bulls: Danny L. Ohlson, Robert M. Koch, John Klindt, and Steven L. Davis .... 61


Follicle and oocyte relationships during superovulation in the heifer: Thomas H. Wise and Ralph R. Maurer .... 62

Fetal development in cows with multiple fetuses: Sherrill E. Echternkamp .... 63

Current concepts for understanding ovarian follicular growth and function in cattle: leon J. Spicer and Sherrill E. Echternkamp .... 65

Mating and grazing behavior of low and high serving capacity beef bulls during average and heavy mating loads at pasture: Garth W. Boyd, Donald D. lunstra, and Larry R. Corah .... 68

Serum concentrations of luteinizing hormone, testosterone, and thyroid hormones in low and high serving capacity beef bulls: Garth W. Boyd, Donald D. lunstra, Bruce D. Schanbacher,and Larry R. Corah .... 71

Effect of season and relocation on reproductive competence in Brahman and Hereford bulls: Robert W. Godfrey, Ronald D. Randel, Charles R. long, Donald D. lunstra, Thomas G. Jenkins, and James G. Berardinelli .... 73

Demasculinization of beef bulls by lH immunization. Bruce D. Schanbacher .... 77

Anabolic steroids and implants in feedlot steers: Bruce D. Schanbacher and John Brethour .... 78

A simple method for freezing bovine embryos: Sherrill E. Echternkamp and Donald Elliott .... 80


Zinc and protein levels in finishing diets of medium- and large-frame steers: Wilson G. Pond and Robert R. Oltjen .... 82

More lean, less fat with clenbuterol: Joan H. Eisemann, Gerald B. Huntington, and Calvin L. Ferrell .... 84

Influence of biological types on energy requirements: Calvin L. Ferrell and Thomas G. Jenkins .... 86

Biological Engineering

A voice-input and knowledge-based expert system for grading carcass beef: Yud-Ren Chen .... 91

Nutritional value of anaerobically fermented beef cattle wastes as a feed ingredient for livestock: Ronald L. Prior, Andrew G. Hashimoto, and John D. Crouse .... 95