U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Research Service, Lincoln, Nebraska


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Published in Animal Genetics (1996) 27: 69-75.


A report of the first workshop on the genetic map of bovine chromosome 23 (BTA23) is given. Five laboratories contributed data from 29 loci, including a total 11586 informative genotypes. The combined pedigrees represented 1930 potentially informative meioses. Eighteen of the 29 loci were common to two or more data sets and were used to construct a framework linkage map of BTA23. Twelve of the 18 could be ordered on the linkage map with a likelihood ratio of greater than 1000:1. Thus, a low resolution consensus map was constructed with a high level of support for order. The sex-averaged, female and male maps span 54.5, 52.7 and 55.8 cM, respectively. Sex-specific differences in recombination frequency were identified for eight pairs of framework loci. Average genetic distance between framework loci on the sex-averaged map is 5.0 cM.