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Mammalian Genome 8, 16-20 (1997).


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Genotypic data for 56 microsatellites (ms) generated from maternal full sib families nested within paternal half sib pedigrees were used to construct a linkage map of the bovine X Chromosome (Chr) (BTX) that spans 150 cM (ave. interval 2.7 cM). The linkage map contains 36 previously unlinked ms; seven generated from a BTXp library. Genotypic data from these 36 ms was merged into an existing linkage map to more than double the number of informative BTX markers. A male specific linkage map of the pseudoautosomal region was also constructed from five ms at the distal end of BTXq. Four informative probes physically assigned by fluorescence in situ hybridization defined the extent of coverage, confirmed the position of the pseudoautosomal region on the q-arm, and identified a 4.1-cM marker interval containing the centromere of BTX.