U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Research Service, Lincoln, Nebraska


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1982 Poultry Science 61:885-890


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Spent fowl muscle (raw or precooked) was flaked and formulated to include: 1) 100% raw meat; 2) 80% raw meat and 20% precooked meat; 3) 50% raw meat and 50% precooked meat; and 4) 20% raw meat and 80% precooked meat. The products were mixed, formed, pressed, and cut into restructured steaks. Steaks were evaluated for physical appearance, fat, and moisture content, cooking and textural properties, and sensory attributes. As the percentage of precooked spent fowl meat was increased in restructured steaks, the steaks appeared lighter in color, contained less moisture and more fat, and suffered greater cooking losses than restructured steaks made with a higher percentage of raw meat. In addition, as the percentage of precooked meat was increased, the restructured steaks became less tender, less cohesive, and received lower sensory scores.