U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Research Service, Lincoln, Nebraska



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Published in Beef Research Program Progress Report (1985) No. 2: C-iii



General Interest

Cattle Management at U.S. Meat Animal Research Center: Margaret S. McAlhany, W. Gordon Hays, and William G. Kvasnicka ... 1

Genetics and Breeding

Genetic Relationships Among Carcass Traits and Their Implications in Selection Programs: Robert M. Koch, Keith E. Gregory, and Larry V. Cundiff ... 3

Length of Feeding Interval Influences Accuracy of Selection for Growth: Robert M. Koch, Larry V. Cundiff, and Keith E. Gregory ... 5

Characterization of Breeds Representing Diverse Biological Types: Reproduction and Maternal Performance of F1 Cows: Larry V. Cundiff, Keith E. Gregory, and Robert M. Koch ... 6

Genetic Correlations of Reproductive and Maternal Traits with Growth and Carcass Traits in Beef Cattle: Michael D. MacNeil, Larry V. Cundiff, C. A. Dinkel, and Robert M. Koch ... 8

Effects of Heterosis on Longevity in Beef Cattle: Rafael Nunez-Dominquez, Larry V. Cundiff, Gordon E. Dickerson, Keith E. Gregory, and Robert M. Koch ... 10

Effects of Heterosis on Lifetime Production in Beef Cows: Larry V. Cundiff, Rafael Nunez- Dominquez, Gordon E. Dickerson, Keith E. Gregory, and Robert M. Koch ... 13

Heterosis Retention in Advanced Generation Angus-Hereford Crosses: Robert M. Koch, Gordon E. Dickerson, Larry V. Cundiff, and Keith E. Gregory ... 15

Germ Plasm Utilization in Beef Cattle: Keith E. Gregory, Larry V. Cundiff, Robert M. Koch, and Donald D. Lunstra ... 17

Maternal Effects in Four Diverse Breeds of Cattle: Keith E. Gregory, Larry V. Cundiff, and Robert M. Koch ... 20

Twinning in Cattle: Sherrill E. Echternkamp, Keith E. Gregory, W. Gordon Hays, Larry V. Cundiff, and Robert M. Koch ... 23

Breeding Cattle for Genetic Resistance to Disease: Roger T. Stone and Larry V. Cundiff ... 25

Production Systems

Animal and Forage Response to Short-Duration Rotational Grazing: Hans-Joachim G. Jung, Richard W. Rice, and Ling-Jung Koong ... 27

Energy Requirements for Maintenance of Beef Cattle Differing in Genetic Potential for Mature Size and Milk Production: Thomas G. Jenkins and Calvin L. Ferrell ... 29

Feed Requirements for Maintenance and Lactation of F1 Cows Representing Diverse Biological Types: Larry V. Cundiff, Calvin L. Ferrell, and Thomas G. Jenkins ... 31

Effects of Managing Heifers to Calve First at Two vs. Three Years of Age on Longevity and Lifetime Production of Beef Cows: Rafael Nunez-Dominquez, Larry V. Cundiff, Gordon E. Dickerson, Keith E. Gregory, and Robert M. Koch ... 33

Effects of Late Castration and Zeranol on Growth Rate, Feed Efficiency, and Carcass and Meat Traits of Bovine Males: Keith E. Gregory, J. Joe Ford, Steven C. Seideman, and W. Gordon Hays ... 36


Heritability Estimates and Adjustment Factors for Yearling Testicular Size in Different Breeds of Beef Bulls: Donald D. Lunstra, Keith E. Gregory, and Larry V. Cundiff ... 41

Effect of Single-Sire and Multiple-Sire Natural Mating on Pregnancy Rate of Beef Cattle: Donald D. Lunstra ... 44

Increasing Pregnancy Rate in Beef Cattle by Clitoral Massage During Artificial Insemination: Donald D. Lunstra, W. Gordon Hays, Robert A. Bellows, and Dan B. Laster ... 46

Causes and Influences of Repeat Breeding in Beef Cattle: Ralph R. Maurer and Sherrill E. Echternkamp ... 49

Embryo Transfer in Beef Cattle Research: Ralph R. Maurer and Acacia A. Alcivar ... 52

Target Tissue Effects of Active Immunizationof Heifers Against Steroids: Thomas H. Wise, Calvin L. Ferrell, and Bruce D. Schanbacher ... 55


Effects of Sex Condition and Diet on Growth and Carcass Characteristics: John D. Crouse, Calvin L. Ferrell, and Larry V. Cundiff ... 56

Effects of Sex Condition, Diet, and Electrical Stimulation on the Collagen and Palatability of Two Muscles: John D. Crouse, H. Russell Cross, and Steven C. Seideman ... 59

The Effects of Carcass Electrical Stimulation and Cooler Temperature on the Quality and Palatability of Bull and Steer Beef: John D. Crouse, Steven C. Seideman, and H. Russell Cross ... 61

Sex, Age, and Breed Related Changes in Bovine Testosterone and Intramuscular Collagen: H. Russell Cross, Bruce D. Schanbacher, and John D. Crouse ... 63

Variation in Sensory Properties of Meat as Affected by Sex Condition, Muscle, and Postmortem Aging: Steven C. Seideman and John D. Crouse ... 65

Effects of Dietary Stress on Dark-Cutting Beef: John D. Crouse and Stephen B. Smith ... 67

Muscle Fiber Studies Comparing Bos Indicus and Bos Taurus Cattle: Steven C. Seideman ... 68

Contributions of Acetate, Lactate, and Glucose to the Accumulation of Fat in Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Tissues of Beef Cattle: Stephen B. Smith and John D. Crouse ... 69


Energy Utilization by Hereford and Simmental Males and Females: Calvin L. Ferrell and Thomas G. Jenkins ... 71

Oxidative Metabolism of Gravid Uterine Tissues of the Cow: Calvin L. Ferrell and Lawrence P. Reynolds ... 73

Mineral Accretion During Prenatal Growth of Cattle: Calvin L. Ferrell, Dan B. Laster, and Ronald L. Prior ... 75

Effects of Chronic Environmental Heat Stress on Blood Flow and Nutrient Uptake by the Uterus and Fetus of the Pregnant Cow: Lawrence P. Reynolds, Calvin L. Ferrell, John A. Nienaber, and Stephen P. Ford ... 77

Role of Insulin in Regulating Metabolism in Beef Cattle: Ronald L. Prior, Stephen B. Smith, and Harry J. Mersmann ... 80

Nutrient Absorption by Lambs and Beef Cattle Fed High Forage or High Concentrate Diets: Robert A. Britton, Gerald B. Huntington, and Ronald L. Prior ... 82

Ag Engineering

Weather and Climate Impacts on Beef Cattle: G. LeRoy Hahn ... 85

Methane From Beef Cattle Manure and Straw Mixtures: Andrew G. Hashimoto and Steven A. Robinson ... 90