Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking at the University of Nebraska


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Presented at Fifth Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking 2013, Lincoln, NE


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Creating awareness is part of education and non-awareness is 90 percent of the problem in countering human trafficking. Human trafficking is not on the radar screens in most educational institutions of higher learning, nor in most churches. This is the need Bryan College, through the Center for Leadership Initiatives (CLI) and, in particular, the Justice & Mercy Initiative (JMI), is seeking to meet. Our Vision Statement for 2013-2014 calls for such near term goals as: Sponsoring subject matter experts to address college forums; lending financial support to Students Stopping the Trafficking of Persons (SSTOP); enabling Bryan students to travel to trafficking hot spots, such as Cambodia, to witness first-hand the effects of trafficking on women and children; supporting initiatives such as the International Justice Mission (IJM)’s Global Prayer Gathering; lobbying legislators at the Tennessee Capitol; creating and implementing a series of academic courses dealing directly with national and international trafficking, taught both in the classroom and on-line; publishing research on the subject; directing students to effective learning internships, such as with IJM and the U.S. Departments of State and Health & Human Services; and, seeking grants to enable this vision to unfold.