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Published in Human-Wildlife Conflicts Volume 1, Number 2, Page 136, Fall 2007. Published and copyright by the Jack H. Berryman Institute. http://www.berrymaninstitute.org/journal/index.html


Congratulations to Dr. Conover for such a great inaugural issue of our journal!! I have received nothing but very positive accolades about the quality of our first issue. Mike and our managing editor, Phil Parisi, have done a fantastic job!!! This second issue is equally as radical as the first. This issue deals with a subject that is growing in importance throughout the southeastern United States: feral hogs. Being in Mississippi, I am all too familiar with the importance (and negative impact) of this invasive species. Berryman East has consistently funded numerous research projects on this subject. We also have funded a comprehensive publication (more like a landowner’s guide) about this animal that should be available next year. Also, the shift in crops to corn for biofuels will greatly enhance our feral child populations. In Mississippi alone it is believed that at least 70% of the fields in soybeans, cotton, etc. last year will be in corn this year. Thus, this issue of Human–Wildlife Conflicts could not have been more timely.