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Published in Human-Wildlife Conflicts Volume 1, Number 1, Pages 1–2, Spring 2007. Published and copyright by the Jack H. Berryman Institute. http://www.berrymaninstitute.org/journal/index.html


Welcome to this inaugural issue of Human– Wildlife Conflicts. Much has changed during my lifetime. I can remember when there were no deer on my family’s farm in Illinois. I can remember in 1979 seeing Canada geese feeding in a golf course in New Haven, Connecticut, and thinking they were a lost family of geese from the Arctic. I can remember going to a wildlife conference and seeing a presentation in the program, titled “Turkey problems in Wisconsin,” and wondering if the turkeys they were referring to had wings or wore overalls. I can remember the editor of The Journal of Wildlife Management refusing even to consider publishing my first manuscript on human– wildlife conflicts because animal damage control (as it was called in those days) was outside the purview of the journal and not a part of the field of wildlife management.