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Published in Human-Wildlife Conflicts Volume 1, Number 2, Pages 1–2, Spring 2008. Published and copyright by Jack H. Berryman Institute. http://www.berrymaninstitute.org/journal/index.html


This issue of Human–Wildlife Conflicts is dedicated to the topic of deer–vehicle collisions (DVCs). Within these pages, you will find numerous peer-reviewed articles and columns that provide valuable information about where, when, and why DVCs occur (Bissonette et al. 2008), their economic impact (Bissonette and Kasser 2008), their relationship to deer densities, and methods to reduce their frequency (Mastro et al. 2008). While we can never totally prevent DVCs from occurring, the information contained herein can help reduce their frequency (Curtis et al. 2008, DeNicola and Williams 2008, Miller et al. 2008, Rutberg and Naugle 2008).