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This year's Nebraska Rural Poll will ask rural residents how they're faring during the current economic downturn.

The University of Nebraska poll is the largest annual survey of rural Nebraskans' views on quality of life and policy issues. Letters were mailed this month notifying about 7,000 households in Nebraska's 87 rural counties that they had been randomly selected to participate in the poll.

Nebraska so far has weathered the recession better than some states, but the downturn's impact here is growing. Businesses have begun laying off employees, and the state Legislature is struggling with a tight budget picture.

The 14th annual poll includes questions focusing on how the economic climate is affecting rural Nebraskans. It also includes follow-up questions about the digital television conversion.

The annual poll is conducted by the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources' Center for Applied Rural Innovation. Funding also is provided by UNL Extension and the Agricultural Research Division.