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Published in INVESTIGATIONS OF THE ICHTHYOFAUNA OF NICARAGUAN LAKES, ed. Thomas B. Thorson (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1976). Copyright © 1976 School of Life Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


This paper covers a collection of helminths made during the summer of 1963. The Monogenea and Cestoda of elasmobranchs are reported in a separate paper (Watson and Thorson, 1976). Most of the teleosts were obtained (many still alive) from the fish market in Granada and were caught in Lake Nicaragua. The others were taken by seine or hook and line from the lake, from Tepetate and from San Carlos.
There have been relatively few studies on Digenea from Central America and most of the work has been done on helminths of vertebrates other than fishes. Brenes (1961) catalogued the parasites from Costa Rica, where most studies have been done, and listed only a single digenean from freshwater fishes: Acanthostomum gnerii Szidat, 1954 from Rhamdia rogersi (Regan). Since then Bravo-Hollis and Arroyo (1962) reported Crassicutis cichlasomae Manter, 1936 from Cichlasoma sp., also from Costa Rica.