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Rangeland Ecol Manage 64:316–318, May 2011; DOI: 10.2111/REM-D-10-00158.1


Techniques to monitor populations of feral swine (Sus scrofa) relative to damage control activities are needed on rangelands. Our objectives were to describe and assess a mark–recapture technique using tetracycline hydrochloride (TH) for monitoring feral swine populations. We established bait stations at study sites in southern and central Texas. During 1 d, we replaced normal soured corn bait with bait containing TH and counted the number of feral swine that consumed bait with observers. We conducted feral swine removal using box-style traps and helicopters, at which time we collected teeth for TH analysis. In southern Texas, we estimated population reduction to be 43%. In central Texas, we estimated population reduction of 31%. Our mark–recapture population monitoring technique would complement programs to manage feral swine populations and damage through lethal control.