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Colorado Birds Summer 20 14 Vol. 48 No.3. pp. 227-229.


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Gray Jays (Perisoreus canadensis) read ily learn that humans can be excellent sources of food (e.g. Rutter 1969) and therefore are common in many picnic areas, campgrounds and other areas frequented by humans in the Rocky Mountains. Bes ides rapid recognition of humans as sou rces of food, Gray Jays also do not appear to readily forget a discovered food source (e.g. Rutter 1969). Gray Jays also optimize food selection on the bas is of caloric intake and the effort required to identify and handle the food items (Maccarone and Montevecchi 1986) aga in, making places such as picnic areas, campgrounds and other human-frequented areas optimal places to forage.

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