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Proc. 25th Vertebr. Pest Conf. (R. M. Timm, Ed.) Published at Univ. of Calif., Davis. 2012. Pp. 1-2.


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On behalf of the Vertebrate Pest Council, I would like to welcome you to the 25th Vertebrate Pest Conference. I regret that Bob Timm could not be here today. He underwent surgery recently. He is doing very well, is home, but was not able to attend the Conference. I agreed to fill in for him and present the Opening Remarks. Bob had a draft of his opening remarks already prepared, so I am relying heavily on his comments. The Vertebrate Pest Council is thrilled that the Conference is being held once again in this scenic and historically rich city of Monterey, California. This is the fourth time this Conference has been held in this location; the most recent prior Conference convened here in March 1988, some 24 years ago.

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