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Published at Univ. of Calif., Davis. 2014. Pp. 67-72


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In many cases, the control or eradication of invasive house mice has been problematic using rodenticide products that are currently registered. Our investigations using 12 commercial formulations confirmed that premise. In contrast, 11 of 12 of those commercial formulations were effective against Norway rats. Hence, we investigated 7 new rodenticide formulations to identity more effective alternative rodenticides (different formulation and/or different active ingredients). Several of the new formulations of rodenticides and new active ingredients were found to be relatively efficacious (>70% mortality) and may warrant further investigation as potential control methods for invasive house mice. Additionally, a 2-active ingredient rodenticide, none of which are currently registered in the U.S., showed promise as a new house mouse control tool, and these may have sorne advantages over currently registered invasive house mouse rodenticides. Field trials with some of these new formulations are recommended as a next step in the research and pesticide registration process.

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