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Proceedings of the 16th Wildlife Damage Management Conference. (L.M. Conner, M.D. Smith, Eds). 2016. Pp. 26-32.


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Fertility control is a potential method to control prairie dog populations in the urban/suburban environment. However, an effective, oral delivery system is needed. We tested a food bait block delivery system that could make baits available to prairie dogs over a number of days which would make this method more cost-effective than placing food bait by hand near burrows every day. Prairie dogs readily consumed the bait blocks stacked on vertical metal poles during the day. We found, however, that rabbits and mice also consumed the food bait blocks, mainly at night. Over the course of the study, the mean amount removed per site was 81% of the food bait presented. However, to make the food bait blocks primarily available to prairie dogs, a device that would eliminate access to the food bait blocks at night is needed.

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