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Herpetological Review 46(4), 201.5


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USA: PUERTO RICO: MUNICIPALITY OF CABO ROJO: Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge (17.978958°N, 67.170910oW; NAD 83). 10 November 2014. O. A. Diaz-Marrero. Verified by S. M. Boback. National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution (USNM Herp Image 2838a, b; photo vouchers). First municipality record for this exotic species; all previous reports were restricted to the Municipality of Mayaguez, located ca. 25 km north of Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge. Reynolds et al. (2013. BioI. Invasions 15:953-959) concluded that Boa Constrictor introductions into Puerto Rico were likely related to the pet trade and that they genetically matched snakes belonging to the South American clade (B. constrictor), instead of B. imperator, the Mesoamerican species (Hynkova et al. 2009. Zool. Sci. 26:623-631). It also represents the first report of this species from a protected area in Puerto Rico.

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