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Pedersen, K., R.S. Miller, A.R. Musante, T.S. White, J.D. Freye, and T. Gidlewski. 2018. Antibody evidence of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus detected in sera collected from feral swine (Sus scrofa) across the United States. Journal of Swine Health and Production 26(1):41-44.


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Feral swine sera from across the United States were tested for antibodies to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Antibodies to the virus were detected in 1.2% (68 of 5506) of the samples tested, suggesting that feral swine are unlikely to be an important source of spillback into domestic swine.

Evidencia de anticuerpos contra el virus del síndrome reproductivo y respiratorio porcino detectado en sueros de cerdos silvestres (Sus scrofa) a lo largo de los Estados Unidos

Présence d’anticorps contre le virus du syndrome reproducteur et respiratoire porcin dans des échantillons de sérum prélevés de porcs sauvages (Sus scrofa) à travers les États-Unis

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