U.S. Department of Agriculture: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service


Date of this Version

July 2003




Does the presence of wildlife always pose a problem when reforesting a site? Not necessarily. However, the potential impacts of wildlife need to be considered. The intensity or severity of impacts caused by wildlife will reflect the species and density of animals present, along with existing habitat conditions. Whether these impacts create a problem depends on the objectives of the producer and the resources available to achieve the original goal. Wildlife will not be a problem for projects with unlimited resources and time. The repeated plant and replant methods will ultimately lead to some form of success. However, wildlife can be devastating to projects with goals that require initial plantings to reach maturity. The most appropriate approach to reduce animal damage should reflect the overall objectives of the landowner, as well as conditions of the specific problem. All techniques are not feasible or appropriate for all situations. Several considerations need to be addressed. A producer should consider the following five steps before extending funds or implementing efforts. Although excessive time need not be devoted to each step, each should be given careful thought.