U.S. Department of Agriculture: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service



Date of this Version

April 2001


Published in Wildlife Services' Tech Note. USDA/APHIS.


DRC-1339 (3-chloro-4-methyl benzenamine HCI, Chemical Abstract Service Reg. No. 7745-89-3) is a slow-acting avicide that is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the control of several species of pest birds, including blackbirds, starlings, pigeons, crows, ravens, magpies, and gulls. Technical DRC-1339 (Starlicide Technical, EPA Reg. No. 602-134) contains 97 percent DRC-1339. Starlicide products and DRC- 1339 were developed jointly by Ralston Purina, Inc., Purina Mills, Inc., and the National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). Registrations are maintained by PM Resources, Inc., Earth City Resources, and APHIS.