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January 2008


Published in National Sunflower Association Research Forum Papers 2008.
The annual NSA Research Forum is highly regarded as the premier conference at which private and public researchers present the results of their latest sunflower research. For a quarter of a century, the National Sunflower Association has produced the workshop as a forum for sunflower research to be shared with the public.
The 30th annual NSA Research Forum, held in January 2008, was another successful event where researchers from around the country came together to share their knowledge.
Online at http://www.sunflowernsa.com/research/default.asp?contentID=70


DRC-1339 is a pesticide used to induce mortality in pest birds and is being used successfully to reduce bird damage to a variety of agricultural products. The feasibility of using live decoy traps baited with DRC-1339-treated rice baits is being evaluated for reducing blackbird damage to sunflower in North Dakota. To estimate the take associated with the use of the DRC-1339-treated rice baits, we developed a bioenergetics simulation to estimate bait consumption by red-winged blackbirds, yellow-headed blackbirds and common grackles. This simulation incorporates a module to estimate mortality based on the amount of treated bait eaten by individual birds and the species-specific dose response to DRC-1339. Simulation results for mixed gender populations of varying species composition are presented.