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Published in Vaccine 27 (2009) 7210–7213.


Parenteral vaccination campaigns are integral to the elimination of canine rabies. To maximize herd immunity in dogs, immunocontraception provided at the time of rabies vaccination should reduce fecundity and dog abundance. GonaConTM has been used successfully as an immunocontraceptive in a variety of mammals, and by inference, the dog would be an ideal candidate for testing. As an initial step in evaluating a combination-vaccination program, we assessed the effects of GonaConTM on rabies virus neutralizing antibody production in dogs after administration of a veterinary rabies vaccine. Eighteen feral/free ranging dogs were included in this initial study: six were given GonaConTM only, six were given rabies vaccination only, and six received GonaConTM and rabies vaccination. Antibody levels were evaluated over 82 days. The use of the immunocontraceptive GonaConTM did not affect the ability of dogs to seroconvert in response to the rabies vaccine. Thus, GonaConTM provides a potential immunocontraceptive for use in combination with rabies vaccine to increase herd immunity and address dog population over abundance to better manage rabies.